Bulk billed home doctor services in Sydney

emergency photoRecently, we’ve had the need to call doctors to our home after hours to treat one or other of our children when they were sick. Fortunately, our kids only come down with the normal types of childhood bugs and there are great bulk billed (ie no payment by you) home doctor services available in Sydney.

Summarised below are the details of the two bulk billing home doctor services in Sydney of which I am aware that service our area are:

1. National Home Doctor Service

T 137425 or 13SICK; W www.homedoctor.com.au

This is the service that we have happily used thus far. They also have a great app that you can install on your smart phone, which makes booking an appointment really easy (www.homedoctor.com.au/section/home/Get_the_App).

An added benefit is that they can provide many prescribed medicines free of charge, if you are a member of the BUPA health fund.

2. Australian Locum Medical Service / GP2home

T 132 660; W www.alms.com.au / T 1800 472 4663; W www.gp2home.com.au

I have discovered that these are the same home doctor service.

If you are in Australia and want to search for a health service provider near you, use the following search function on the healthdirect Australia website: www.healthdirect.gov.au/australian-health-services.

healthdirect Australia (T 1800 022 222; W www.healthdirect.gov.au) is a free government service that also provides medical guidance on a wide range of health matters. We call them for advice when the home doctor services are booked out.

Obviously, if your situation is an emergency, we suggest that you immediately call 000 and/or go to your nearest hospital emergency department.