Ipoh Town, Grosvenor Place

Just had takeaway lunch at the new Ipoh Town Malaysian takeaway restaurant in the food court of my office building at Grosvenor Place in Sydney.

I had Nasi lemak with beef rendang. It was delicious. The beef rendang could have been slow-cooked a bit longer, but it was still yummy! I also took advantage of their $2 Malaysian drink special and had a lovely cold Teh tarik.

The service was excellent – fast and very friendly.

I’m so glad to have a good Malaysian takeaway restaurant down this end of town! Highly recommended.



Today, I had satay chicken and rice.

The accompanying drink offer is now $1!


Christopher Shanahan

My wife and I are proud to announce the birth of our second child, Christopher James Shanahan. Mother and baby are both healthy and happy…and he has a proud older brother in Nicholas!

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